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    Thursday, October 6th, 2016
    9:10 pm
    Thursday, September 15th, 2016
    5:46 pm

    NAME: Aimee
    AIM: aimadahla1986
    EMAIL: aimadahla1986@gmail.com
    AVAILABILITY: varies (I have email on my phone though and can always be reached there and will respond asap)


    NAME:Rene Tamaki Richard de Grantaine Suoh. Better known as Tamaki Suoh
    JOURNAL: princetamaki
    PLAYED BY(please try to keep the PB ethnically appropriate):Sterling Knight
    FANDOM:Ouran High School Host Club
    CANON POINT: Post Season One

    WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS WITH THIS CHARACTER IN GAME? Finish high school, hang out with his favorite cousin, make friends, have fun, quit doing what his father wants/expects him to do and do what he wants to do with his life. Get to stay with his mom and be happy.

    CANON HISTORY:http://ouran.wikia.com/wiki/Tamaki_Suoh

    IN GAME HISTORY: There was a point in time that Tamaki's parents were really really in love with one another. He knows they were. He's seen the pictures. However those days were pretty much gone by the time Tamaki was old enough to actually remember. His father was rarely around despite his mother's health concerns leaving Tamaki mainly under the care of servants and his grandparents and occasionally other relatives during her recurring illnesses. Despite all of that - Tamaki grew up relatively happy. He was loved, doted on and spoiled actually, by his family and the servants and never wanted for anything. Except for his father's love and attention. Things seemed okay until Tamaki's tenth birthday. His father had promised to come and spend time with him and his mother and make it a memorable birthday - and he was there and it was memorable. Just not in a good way.

    Instead of spending time with his wife and son he spent the entire visit on the phone taking care of running his businesses in Japan. Including during the lavish party that was thrown to celebrate his birthday with relatives and friends all waiting for him to come join the party. The upset on Tamaki's face was the last straw for his mother, her son (and her) had been pushed aside for the last time and she wasn't going to allow her son to be hurt anymore. To be ignored anymore by his father. He had to make a choice about what mattered most to him: his family or the Suoh Corporation and it's various enterprises. Tamaki was sent on a last minute sleepover to his favorite cousin's house and when he was brought home the next morning it was to the news that his father wouldn't be coming to visit anymore for a while. Over the next year there were lawyers in and out and by the time he turned 11 - his parents were divorced. His mother getting to retain all of her family's considerable assets that she'd brought to the marriage and a court order for Tamaki's father to pay for a portion of his son's education and care. Provided he was sent to a top school which Tamaki's mother was happy to agree too since she just wanted what was best for her son.

    Since his father had never really been a consistent part of Tamaki's life this didn't really change anything for him. He still had his mother and grandparents, his cousin, things were fine. Or at least they were until his mother's most recent relapse. This was the worst he'd ever seen and it scared him. After a few nights spent sitting in the hospital waiting room with his cousin, and calling his father to let him know what had happened just so that no one could claim they'd kept his mother's health concerns secret, it was suggested that they take her to California to see a specialist in her disease. One of the best actually. It didn't take much discussion between Tamaki, his mother and his grandparents for them to come to the decision that they would follow the doctor's suggestion.

    The hang up was that Tamaki was still under 18 so they had to get his father to agree thanks to the terms of the custody arrangement. Tamaki's mother moved to California at the beginning of the summer while Tamaki went to spend the summer with his father, like he had been for the past three years, and due to their agreement he was supposed to be sent to his mother before the start of the school year but there were some issues with his school enrollment in California (they couldn't agree on where to send him) but now that that's been straightened out he'll be flying out to rejoin his family.


    It would have been nice if my father could have actually made time to see me while I was in Japan for the summer after making such a big deal out of wanting me to visit. Or been honest with Maman and I and told me it was really the staff at his house that wanted me to come visit so they could see "what a fine young man I'm growing into" and ask how she was doing. Peut-etre un jour je saurai d'attendre jusqu'a ce qu'il veuille vraiment de passer les temps avec moi aux visites


    Maman won't give me an honest answer I know because she doesn't want to worry me so I'll ask you - how was her health this summer?
    Wednesday, March 30th, 2016
    8:26 pm
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